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Getting a credit union or a bank to give you a car loan isn't easy, that's what we are here for, we can get you approved, even with bad credit! Don't worry, we can help! You are just minutes away from getting approved!

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Can I get a Credit Union Car Loan with Bad Credit?

Honestly, lot's of people with bad credit are asking the same question, not just about Credit Unions, but of banks and car dealerships.  If you are concerned that you might be turned down for financing due to bad credit, then look no further, we have the answers to why banks and credit unions want to approve you for the car loan you are looking for!

The reasons you can get the car loan from a credit union or bank are simple:

When the economy is down, lending institutions (credit unions and banks) have to change their lending practices to be competitive in the market. Part of the reason is that more people end up having bad credit (due to the economic conditions) and are looking for a car loan from a Credit Union or other finance company. This means that banks and credit unions are willing to consider individuals with less than perfect credit, or even bad credit, as good investments. The banks and credit unions want to give you the car loan, it's just a matter of finding the right fit, that's where we come in!

Let us help you get approved!

We have been assisting people with their car financing needs ever since 1989 (we've been online since 1999).  We know how to get people approved for the car auto financing they need.  Don't let a bad credit history stop you from applying and getting approved today - we can get you approved for a credit union or bank car loan today!

Bankruptcy? No Problem!

Yes, you can get a credit union to give you a car loan after bankruptcy!

How do we know it's possible?  Because we help people get car loans all the time, even after bankruptcy!  You can financially over come a bankruptcy and get the car loan financing you need from a credit union or bank!  We want to help you get past bad credit issues to get the car loan you need.  Let us get you approved today at a credit union or bank!

Definitions for Finacing Terms

There is just about nothing that is more confusing than the terms used to finance loans.  We have put together some car and auto financing terms used by banks and credit unions to help you be as educated as possible:

Customer Testimonials

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Loved Our Experience!

No one could help us with the specific car we were looking for. We also had negative equity in our vehicle that no one wanted to work with us on... We had specific needs and feel every one was met and you really seemed to enjoy helping us. We are difficult customers, but everyone seemed to enjoy helping us with an auto loan. We loved our experience!


Your customer service is AWESOME! ... I'm really happy with the service. We'll be back for our next vehicle.

Thank You So Much!

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We weren't pushed into anything. Thank you so much!!

Get the Credit You Deserve! is powered by, which means you have years of experience at your fingertips to help you get the bad credit auto loan you need from a credit union or bank!  We get people approved, plain and simple!  We have been in business as a family since 1989, providing car loan approval for people who don't think they can be approved!  We are the best in the financing business and can get you help get you approved!

Credit Union Car Loan Approval!

The design of our car application for a car loan was targeted to specifically address the issues of someone with bad credit seeking financing for a auto loan - whether you need a credit union or a bank.  Thousands have already been approved with bad credit for an auto loan and you can be too!

How we get you approved for a car loan with bad credit!

We started to get you approved with a credit union or bank for the auto loan you are looking for!   Here is how we get you approved: 

When someone apply's using the link above they are taken to a short form that only takes a matter of minutes to fill out.  Once this form has successfully been filled out, we engage our massive financial network to find the right lender to get you approved.  We work tirelessly to get you the auto loan you need!

Our network of lenders, credit unions, banks and dealerships literally spans the entire U.S.  We work with institutions who are looking to help you get financed for the auto loan you are looking for to buy a car.  

Your bad credit or bankruptcy can be overcome and we are here to help you do that and get approved for a car loan through a credit union or bank!

Our lending options are professional and reputable, and they are designed specifically for you if you have bad credit or no credit (we've even helped people who have no credit history at all and those with bankruptcy).  We specialize in approval of car and auto loans, so let us help you today!

Your credit union approval is waiting for you!  All it takes is a few minutes of your time for you to fill out the online aplication and get started!  We want to help you get approved for the car loan you are looking for, whether that's through a credit union or a bank!

Help us get you approved for the financial package to make that new car a reality!  We can get you approved for that bad credit car loan, get started today!

*The information you provide is for the purpose of arranging vehicle financing, it is not used without your knowledge for other purposes.  See our privacy policy for more information.

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